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  Prophectic words  

“ Take it. Take it all and impart to others. Impartation is multiplication. It’s a season to be fruitful. We are going to be a conquering church & ministries  with greater discernment. Everything that we do is in preparation and we are called for the greater event – the coming of our King Jesus. Its’ time for the horse and the rider. Get ready. Prepare. Prepare the church. It’s time for the Bride to get ready. God wants to invade us”


“ Faith is a revelation. Faith is NOW. Now faith is. Faith speaks to God. Bring JESUS  into the NOW. Faith is the antenna to pull down the super-natural. This is your finest hour. Now of breakthrough an hour of signs, wonders and miracles. Open your heart and switch on your FAITH. FAITH, ANOINTING , GLORY.”


“ A new dimension. A wedding. Apostolic/Prophetic Grace causing a marriage to come between the Apostolic & the Prophetic. Marriage – Divine. A super-natural release. Get ready for the super-natural. Signs , wonders and miracles will be the order of the day. Instrumental in bringing UNITY. Will birth UNITY. Giving you keys to towns, cities, regions. A higher dimension.” 17th September 2011.


“ …And we will surely know that the Spirit of God is on these moves of the Spirit. Cities, towns, villages will be changed and substantial ministries and places of worship shall be planted with a new spirit flowing from the Spirit of God and a new unction. The Spirit of God will do this thing in most unlikely places at first, but you will see it on television for news agencies will pick it up because it will supersede the naturalness of this world and the super-naturalness of God will cause things to happen that cannot happen naturally. You will see it on television- it will be aired to the world.  We receive the word of that ‘stone’ Lord. That dead stone being the dead church that has been blocking the flow. The anointing will increase across the world. The anointing can break free many people. It will fall upon the younger generation – because they are crazy and they are not stuck in mud like older people. And they will break free and carry it. What took place in the cities of the world where the youth were out of control is a fore-shadow of how the youth will come to Jesus and they will take whole cities openly in the streets, multitudes of them will rise up and form new churches for the Lord Jesus Christ in the pulpit in the streets running the rampart for JESUS Christ and we will see it for it is shortly to break forth.” 15thOct 2011


“ The singing of birds shall be heard in the fields – the sound of the Holy Ghost. Unity – The sound of the Spirit. Super-natural divine release of My Spirit. Voice of the turtle dove is heard in the land. Season of the Holy Spirit. Spring rain of divine favour. Release of super-natural activity – Jacob’s ladder – Angel activity. Pouring out former and latter rain. The season of glory – the weightiness of My presence. I will grace you with an open heaven. Spirit of fire & revival in our hearts. Divine super-natural  impartation = Manifestation. Sons of God – Full grown mature sons of God. Revival fire in one hand – harvester sickle in the other. This is the season – the kairos time. Church arise – season of Holy Ghost – appointed hour – revive His church” Sep 2011.









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